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Not even the dogs like it this cold!

I hope you have been able to watch our cameras this month.
Our doggies are getting lots of use out of their new
Auntie Barbara got them for Christmas!

When they are all outside together, they look like school children
in their uniforms.....Soooo Cute!

Keep your dogs paws clean from Ice & Road Salt.
Coats & sweaters below freezing
Clean outside water bowls
Keep their nails short. Cold can cause them to crack.
Dry their fur after playing in the snow or after a bath
And only outside for short periods of time.

The WINNERS of the Surprise tickets in the Doggie Christmas Bags were:
Sophie 8
Rudy 2
and Rosie

(We never announced we were putting special tickets for free daycare
into the bags. It was a SURPRISE

Try to keep warm and pray for SPRING!!!

Jo Anne

Clean water bowls outside


Woof woof, did you hear about the great place in town for dogs? 

We offer full service day care for your dogs. We pamper your pets in a fun, safe, and inviting environment, with a caring staff. In addition to our superior service, we also offer transportation, mobile grooming, and training. Our cageless facility makes your dog feel like they are home.

Our 13 indoor play areas let your dog excercise in a heated area in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer. Our 14,000 square foot inside plus 2,500 square foot outside, double fenced, play yard offers romping and running on mixed surfaces, designed with "Doggies" in mind.

From puppies to Great Danes we can accommodate any dog that is SOCIALLY TRAINED. We have separate play areas for the 25lb and under set and we have a nursery for our youngest guests.

Don't walk. Run down here and check us out!

See what makes Good Doggie Day Care the best!

If you can't take them with you, bring them to us!

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